Secure Information Sharing, Made Simple

Alert! is the best secure platform for information sharing and messaging between retailers and evening economy. We have worked with business improvement districts and crime partnerships across the country to create a modern and easy to use app.

Secure doesn't have to mean complicated.

Alert was born with one key thing in mind - simplicity. Long tedious data entry procedures and admin control would only discourage its use. We built Alert! with a modern and familiar look - it had to look more like a social media platform than a crime report.

Biometric Login

Use your face or fingerprint to login to alert! for a painless and secure login process.

UK Data Centres

GDPR compliant data centres, meeting Cyber Essentials, ISO27001 and PASF standards.

Build your offender database.

We have designed alert! so it's easy to add new offenders complete with images, warning tags and written descriptions.

As users add offenders it will build you database, other members will be able to browse through them like a social media feed. Alert sends notifications for all new submitted information keeping users informed and prepared.

Incident reports made simple.

Alert's secure incident reports are made to be as quick and as simple as possible, reducing your users administration and their engagement.

Images help get your point across quickly and in alert they are front and centre, making up a large part of your incidents report. In addition allowing your users to submit and gather image evidence in Alert makes your banning order administration easier.

Fast & compliant instant messaging.

Designed to look and feel like popular messaging apps Alert's instant messaging feature will make your users feel at home, while allowing you simple administration to ensure compliance. Unlike standard messaging apps Alert enables you to moderate the content in the chat, without this functionality it is not possible to meet your GDPR obligations.

Streamlined administration.

Having been developed in association with CRPs and Police Forces, Alert gives you everything you need to effortlessly operate and administer your scheme. From easy user invitations to submission approvals and moderation.

Alert also comes with an automated data expiration system, you define your retention period and alert will handle the deletion of your old data.

  • Auto data expiration
  • Simple settings
  • Submission approval
  • Mobile app driven

Get the app now

You can find the app on the Play Store and the App Store, or use online here.