Retailers & Hospitality

Empowering retail teams to collaborate.

Our in-store and on-site radio systems are designed for shops and bars. Affordable and license free, connecting your staff with instant group communication. Boost productivity and safety.


The ‘Intelligence Hub’ will transform how services are delivered and offering potential for revenue generation.

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West Suffolk Council

Building a new CCTV Control room demanded significant investment and a solid business case to proceed.

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Designed for connecting teams

Knowledge Sharing

Colleagues can share knowledge instantly with each other to help customers faster.

Improved Team Morale

Colleagues feel safer and happier at work with VoCoVo.

Training and Onboarding

New starters can be mentored remotely, ask questions and learn as they go.

Remote Broadcasting

Speed up store-to-store communication and send updates from Head Office apps.

Efficient Colleagues

When colleagues don’t have to search the shop floor for answers, they can get on with task at hand.

Customer Experience

Customers get faster responses, shorter queues and the best of your colleagues.

Unlock your team’s potential