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Resilient communication systems designed for safety and productivity. Combining digital with value added features such as GPS, internal positioning and man down/ lone worker support.


The ‘Intelligence Hub’ will transform how services are delivered and offering potential for revenue generation.

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West Suffolk Council

Building a new CCTV Control room demanded significant investment and a solid business case to proceed.

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How it works

Latest Devices

Control vehicle and personal access from the control room on a single system.

Next Day Service

Monitor key machinery and fire alarms using non-obtrusive gateways.

Secure Information Sharing

Be it a battery, antenna, charger or a new radio we send a replacement to arrive next day with all the return packaging for your faulty part or unit. The best bit, there’s no extra cost!

24/7 Support

Use integrated RFID digital radios to manage key assets and locations, ensure things are never missed and monitor staff safety and performance.

Comprehensive Training

Intelligent dispatching software that enhances your system with features such as instant playback, internal positioning and lone worker monitoring.

User Generation

Purchase, lease or hire, we have options for everyone often with no initial investment required.

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